BP Official: Leak Could Be Stopped by Next Week


Despite the series of failed attempts over the past few weeks to stop the ridiculous amounts of oil gushing out of the damaged Gulf of Mexico well, a BP official is now claiming that the leak could be stopped by as early as next week. BP managing director Bo Dudley appeared on Larry King Live tonight and said the company will be pumping fluids into the well this weekend in a process called the “top kill” (yet another name that sounds more like a movie starring the Rock than a legit oil spill cleanup technique). If it’s successful, though, Dudley said the leak could be shut off in just a few days.

We’ve x-rayed it. We think we know what the inside looks and be able to pump in heavy fluid to try to shut off that well,” he said. “If that option doesn’t work, we’ve got a second and a third option we’ll do after that. We’re hopeful that next week we’ll be able to shut it off.”