Cameron Diaz Is Basically Living the Romantic Life of a College Sorority Girl


Why does it always seem like Cameron Diaz is having the same personal problems that your average drunk college sorority white girl would have? She does the walk of shame. She has flings with all the hot, popular boys even though she knows they’re no good. She even briefly dates a cool black dude (but not really). She dates the men other, more-popular girls have dated: First Britney Spears’s ex Justin Timberlake, then Jennifer Aniston’s ex Paul Sculfor. Now she’s dating Madonna’s ex Alex Rodriguez, who was more recently dating Kate Hudson. And that is where her latest drunk college sorority girl drama comes in: Hudson is reportedly pissed at Cameron for dating A-Rod so soon after she and the Yankee slugger broke up. But some people say Cameron’s only dating him to get back at Kate for moving in on Timberlake shortly after their breakup. Honestly, if they could just go to the Keg and throw some beer at one another from plastic cups, this would all resolve itself much quicker.

Catfight! Kate Hudson ‘hates’ Cameron Diaz for dating her ex-boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez [NYDN]