Celebrity Twexperts Offer Advice to New Tweeter Michelle Obama


The Twitterverse froze for a moment when, over the weekend, Michelle Obama used a CNN reporter’s iPhone to post her first tweet. Barely able to contain our excitement, we decided to ask famous Twexperts to offer some advice for FLOTUS as she, hopefully, makes this a permanent habit. Yes, we’re talking about Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, whom we fortuitously bumped into at last night’s Time 100 gala. “Spell check,” Kutcher insisted. “By the way, I spelled ‘influential’ wrong today. So that goes to show.” Moore, who had stepped away to take a picture with Martha Stewart, chimed in, “I’m not a great speller, but I am your spell check.” As for MObama, Moore said she should “be open and enjoy the connection” and tweet about “whatever is honest and that she feels from her heart, which is the way it seems to relate best. With a few funny things thrown in just for fun.”

Martha Stewart, another woman who often speaks in 140 characters, had already been tweeting about the night when we asked for some pointers. “Michelle has a lot to tweet about,” she said. “She could tell us a lot about what’s going on.” Stewart was pulled aside by a photographer, only to reveal the Twitter creator himself, Jack Dorsey, standing at the bar. Dorsey, as it turns out, had urged Obama to sign up for Twitter when they met at the last Time 100 gala. “We’re always working on Michelle Obama and the president. She was here last year and I tried to get her on the service out here, but that didn’t work out. So, finally. Finally!” What should she tweet about? “Just her daily life. Simply that. Simply that. That would be enough. That would be exciting enough.”