Chuck Todd Does Not Want to Say the Word ‘Honky’


Man website Asylum recently decided to ask the goateed political sage what his porn-star name would be, God bless them. The answer: “Honky Bernstein,” which is composed of his first pet’s name and, we think, his mother’s maiden name. (We’d always heard that your porn-star name was your middle name and your street name, but apparently this method is popular as well. There are no hard and fast rules to these things. Anyway.) Chuck — somewhat adorably, somewhat annoyingly — actually refused to say “honky” out loud, and instead gave hints like, “It’s a word that was used a lot on The Jeffersons,” and, “We had a white cat.” Then he goes and shouts out the word “cracker”! Go figure. For the record, Chuck says that it was his dad who named the cat — which, after all, was “a really white” cat. Oh, and he would choose Mary Ann over Ginger because, “You want to be able to have a conversation when you’re done.” Chuck!

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