Cindy Adams Doesn’t Care When She Gets Things Wrong


Buried in another anecdote about how her best friend Barbara Walters is recovering well from heart surgery, Cindy Adams today reveals this nugget:

Says the patient: "Today's the first day I could read your column, and your item on Princess Firyal's children's book isn't correct." Like I care. Like tots who might read it care. Like Barbara actually cares. Like Firyal, who's so rich, she could finance the health bill by herself, cares.

To be fair to Cindy, this was the entirety of the Firyal item on Monday: "Princess Firyal, who needs more money like Obama needs more teleprompters — she's the one who fought and won her late boyfriend's sons to keep the top two floors of the Pierre, which she claimed he always promised her — has written a children's book. Something about a little girl being a peanut butter sandwich. Look, what do I know?" So, nobody probably does care, and she did add a sort of caveat at the end. But still, it's interesting to learn she doesn't care when she's wrong, because if you ever read her column, you'll know: She really, really, really cares when she's right.

Nothing Fazes Baba Wawa [Page Six/NYP]