Cindy Adams Is Trying to Tell Us Something About Maximiliano Palacio


Let’s see: What exactly is  clues:

There is wandering around and pawing the earth — plus whomever and whatever part he can paw — something called Maximiliano Palacio. An Argentinean model. “Model” being the quick definitive for “out of work actor who meanwhile specializes in Tiger Woods’ specialty.”

For such type work Max is already practiced, knows what to do and doesn’t need an agent. He works through personal recommendation. For 10 minutes, he was the man toy for Kelly Bensimon on “The Really Fake Housewives of New York.” Then he became the whatever-this-type-work-is-called for Luann de Lesseps. Now he’s the handy device for the newest of the new housewives Sonja Morgan. Max, basta! Pay attention. You know what happens to boys who overuse their things. They get neck problems.

We realize, of course, that Cindy is not trying to be coy — this is just how she talks. And really, it’s hard to find words that rhyme with “prostitute.” Seriously. Try it! “Saucetreeflute”? “Tossshefruit”?

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