City Hall Lawyer to Run Against Gillibrand


Despite having a reputation for the “mystical power” to attract potential opponents who then slink away in fear, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has not scared off all of the competition: NYC Corporation Counsel lawyer Gail Goode has decided to throw her hat in the ring for the Democratic primary. She says she decided to enter the race because she’s “offended” at all the reports that nobody is tough enough to take on Gillibrand, and not because her ally Mike Bloomberg told her to. Goode is a former assistant attorney in the Bronx, where she grew up, and is a current resident of Brooklyn. Also, the Post, particularly, thinks that “the paranoia meter is about to swing wildly over at Kirsten Gillibrand’s campaign,” because Goode is African-American.

City employee in late bid to unseat Gillibrand [Knickerbocker/NYP]