Congressional Candidate Plagiarizes One of the Decade’s Most Famous Speeches


The same Republican congressional candidate who doesn’t know what Puerto Rico is and doesn’t really care is proving himself to be quite the disaster. Idaho’s Vaughn Ward, who recently received the coveted Sarah Palin seal of approval, is being accused of stealing lines from another politician’s speech. Not just any speech, mind you, but one of the most well-known speeches in a long time — Barack Obama’s 2004 Democratic National Convention speech. Plagiarizing speeches is never a smart move, but plagiarizing that speech seems like a particularly bad idea, you know, since it’s so famous. Maybe it was just kind of a coincidence, you say? Benefit of the doubt? We’re not sure Ward deserves it, after being caught copying half of his position statements from the websites of other congressmen.

Palin-backed GOP candidate allegedly rips off Obama’s 2004 speech [Right Now/WP]