Cops, Tasers Can’t Stop Naked Man From Jumping From Brooklyn Bridge


Here’s your mind-boggling story of the week: Police were called to the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday morning when an emotionally disturbed man interrupted traffic by walking in the middle of the busy car lanes. Four officers attempted to subdue and handcuff him, but he fought them off. When a superior arrived, he told them to back off so he could use a Taser on the man, but it failed to fire. Taking advantage of the delay, the unidentified man climbed up to the exterior framework of the bridge and stripped naked. At that point cops tried to talk him down but failed, and he jumped off the 122-foot-tall bridge. His body has not yet been found, but that’s not the strangest part: The whole series of events was kicked off at the man’s office in Tribeca, when a female colleague interrupted him masturbating in the ladies’ room.

Police officers, Taser gun can’t stop man from jumping off Brooklyn Bridge [NYP]