Crime Is Creeping Up in East New York


Police officers in the 75th Precinct have a lot to deal with: Their territory, East New York, this year has the most murders, rapes, robberies, and felony assaults of anywhere in the city. Since January 1, there have been 27 rapes, 284 robberies, 286 felony assaults, and fourteen murders. According to the Daily News, crime overall in the area has dropped every year since 1994, but has risen 8 percent this year. “The gang issue is definitely prevalent in this community,” inspector Jeffrey Maddrey told the News, listing the Bloods, Crips, Latin Kings, and Trinitarios as primary concerns. “We do make a lot of contact with gang members. And we’re out there, in the schools, trying to keep on top of the problem.” Locals are concerned about the latest inflammation in crime, but the tabloid says they are philosophical about it: Compared to the days when there were more than 100 murders a year in the neighborhood, they reason, this is nothing.

Brooklyn’s 75th Precinct nervously watches rising tide of crime [NYDN]