Despite Ratings Trouble, CNN Profits Continue to Rise


Amidst ratings decreases and big-name departures, CNN is reportedly on track to have its most profitable year in 2010, breaking the record-setting figure it set last year. Though in last place among the cable networks in prime-time ratings, CNN’s profits have risen every year since 2003, as only about 10 percent of the company’s revenues come from U.S. prime-time programming. Additionally, CNN boasts more individual viewers than its competitors (in April, CNN drew 90.2 million viewers to Fox News’ 82.3 million and MSNBC’s 74.8 million). The network also pumps profits as it’s able to sell the majority of its ad deals in multiple platforms, as is the top ranking news site (though they might not admit it, people clearly have a thing for “story highlights”) and CNN Digital rules the news mobile sites pack.

Away From Prime Time, CNN Thrives [National Journal]