Faisal Shahzad Is Somewhere


Following his arrest a week ago, federal prosecutors said that Faisal Shahzad would appear in court on Tuesday, May 4, to be charged for attempting to blow up a car in Times Square. Since then, reporters and photographers have camped themselves outside of the federal courthouse in downtown Manhattan, waiting for Shahzad to make his appearance and sometimes taking photos of random security personnel just to stave off boredom. So where, exactly, is Shahzad?

Authorities refuse to say, but former federal prosecutor Robert Mintz suspects that he’s being questioned “for as long as it takes to get important and time-sensitive information.” Surely everything’s under control, but we’re just a little nervous that Shahzad will suddenly show up on a Dubai-bound Emirates Airlines flight in a couple of days. “Hello passengers, this is your pilot speaking. I’m sorry but we’ve been ordered back to the gate, as terrorist car-bomber Faisal Shahzad has somehow managed extricate himself from custody and board this airplane once again. We thank you for your patience.”

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