Pay Expert Reveals Potential Loophole in CEO-Compensation Debate


Kraft CEO Irene Rosenfeld made $26.3 million this year. Pepsi's Indra Nooyi raked in $15.8 million. To be sure, these women do a good job running companies that produce items of actual intrinsic value, but after perusing the list of female CEOs who received a 19 percent raise in 2009 (while men took a 5 percent cut), one analyst suggests that there may be another factor involved.

Graef Crystal, a pay expert who analyzed the data for Bloomberg News, said that "compensation committees are saying we don't want to have any trouble" over underpaying women, "so if we err, let's err on the side of giving them too much."

Some might say that's a rather sexist thing to say, but as for us, we smell loophole! Vikram Pandit, get thyself into a wig and heels. You'll break that $1 ceiling yet!

CEO Pay Breaks Glass Ceiling as Bartz Gets $47.2 Million in ‘09 [Bloomberg]