For Jessica Simpson, Doing a VH1 Reality Show Was Like ‘Missionary Work’

Lindsay Lohan supposedly used to “fool” her alcohol-monitoring bracelet by putting tea tree oil on it, or jamming the signal with a paperclip. Jessica Simpson says that making her reality show, The Price of Beauty, was like doing “missionary work.” The scandal-ridden Sarah Ferguson is in New York hawking her advice books for children, commenting, “Actually, when I was going to talk to you about my books, I suddenly realized that maybe I should take a leaf out of my own books.” Meanwhile, Donald Trump wants to find her a role on The Apprentice. Bristol Palin confessed that getting pregnant at 17 was “kind of humiliating.” And Mariah Carey pulled out of her role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming flick, fueling rumors that she’s preggers.

After being arrested last month for running over a no-parking sign and leaving the scene without reporting it, Heather Locklear was cleared of hit-and-run charges. Kirsten Dunst’s purse was stolen from her suite at the Soho Grand, and the thief’s lawyer claims it’s because there were drugs inside. Martha Stewart sat outside at Fatty Crab, gnawing on chili crab with her bare hands and chatting with chef Zak Pelaccio. Daniel Craig and Bruce Springsteen drew attention at Le Bilboquet, as did the Dalai Lama. And while promoting Prince of Persia, Jake Gyllenhaal referred to his ripped physique as “Sex and the City,” announcing, “I would just like to say to all the ladies out there, I know this is a big weekend for you in North America … this (stands up and points at his body) is Sex and the City — and if you want to see Sex and The City 2 — just see my movie twice.”

Tim Robbins and Meg Ryan have been seen getting cozy around L.A., despite saying they’re “just friends” and denying reports that they’ve had a long-running affair which led to Robbins’s divorce from Susan Sarandon. Uma Thurman hopped a flight to London to be with her money-manager ex-fiancé, Arki Busson, fueling rumors of a rekindling. Ryan O’Neal is easing the loss of Farrah Fawcett by dating Cheryl Tiegs. Sandra Bullock is slated to attend the MTV Movie Awards, her first big post-split appearance. And despite the fact that she has “no friends” and has cut off ties to her family, Heidi Montag claims to be happier than ever, patriotically tweeting, ” My last surgery was the BEST decision of my life!… I truly look the way I have always dreamed, I love America and freedom!”