Man Punished for Having ‘Mad Passionate Nasty Sex’ With Other Women in Girlfriend’s Apartment


This guy, 44, thought he had it all figured out. He could move into his girlfriend's apartment, sponge off of her, and entertain a variety of lady friends while she was out working. Alas, she found out, and retaliated by plastering posters all over Williamsburg featuring not only his photo but the dirty details of the entire affair. An excerpt:

While she was at work, I was bringing women to HER apartment. Yes that would be the one only she paid the bills for. I had mad passionate nasty sex with them ALL OVER the apartment. Oh and I did all of that without a condom. NASTY right? Well needless to say when she found out, I was put out. So now I am a non-skilled bum with no home.

Hmmm, yes. Doing this probably felt good at the time, but we're worried that making this guy famous is going to backfire on the poor woman. Times have changed since Samantha Jones did this to Richard on Sex and the City. These days, there are opportunities for unskilled bums who behave badly. Just ask Jon Gosselin.

Found On Wythe Avenue: Mr. Wrong [New York Shitty via Gawker]