Least Eligible Bachelor Hiram Monserrate Is Back in the Game

Photo: Ellis Kaplan-Pool/Getty Images

Unemployed former state senator Hiram Monserrate has apparently moved on from Karla Giraldo, the girlfriend who stood by him even after his water-providing skills were shown to be sub-par at best. We know this because Monserrate made the unfortunate mistake of hitting on a young reporter for the Post at a private party recently, telling her that "the system" had destroyed his relationship with Giraldo — referring to a judge's protection order that keeps them separate — and that he'd like to start dating again. Date who, exactly? We know what you're thinking — anyone who's willing! But that's not true. Just because Monserrate has a reputation as an abusive boyfriend doesn't mean he can't still be picky.

"I'd like to date," said the divorced dad of one. "I'm looking for a good Christian woman who's good company. I want to settle down and have kids."

When the reporter said she was non-Christian, he hinted that accommodations could be made.

Okay, fine, anyone who's willing.

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