Least Eligible Bachelor Hiram Monserrate Is Back in the Game


Unemployed former state senator Hiram Monserrate has apparently moved on from Karla Giraldo, the girlfriend who stood by him even after his water-providing skills were shown to be sub-par at best. We know this because Monserrate made the unfortunate mistake of hitting on a young reporter for the Post at a private party recently, telling her that “the system” had destroyed his relationship with Giraldo — referring to a judge’s protection order that keeps them separate — and that he’d like to start dating again. Date who, exactly? We know what you’re thinking — anyone who’s willing! But that’s not true. Just because Monserrate has a reputation as an abusive boyfriend doesn’t mean he can’t still be picky.

I’d like to date,” said the divorced dad of one. “I’m looking for a good Christian woman who’s good company. I want to settle down and have kids.”

Okay, fine, anyone who’s willing.

Hiram Monserrate looking for love after cutting gal pal free [NYP]