Homeland Security Funding for New York City Actually Going Up


While federal anti-terror funding to New York City has been slashed if you only look at what’s being allocated in the budget by Congress, the White House is pointing out that the city received over $100 million for port and transit security in the stimulus bill. All totaled, New York City is raking in $47 million more this year over the previous year, according to White House spokeswoman Moira Mack. This clarification would make Obama’s visit to the city later today — including a hastily convened meeting with Mayor Bloomberg to hash things out — sightly less awkward, if the politicians who were complaining about the cuts actually accepted it.

But representative Peter King pointed out that the stimulus money was only a onetime payout (like an annual budget?). And Senator Chuck Schumer just wants more money anyway. “Eleven percent of transit and port security funding does not reflect the fact that time and again New York is the prime target for terrorism in the United States,” he says. Not that you can blame them — their priority is promoting the interests of New York (and making sure New Yorkers hear them doing it), not preventing headaches for President Obama.

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