Humans Winning War on Geese!


Remember last year when, after Captain Chesley Sullenberger triumphed over a surprise goose attack and saved the passengers of US Airways Flight 1549, all we seemed to read about were more stories of geese attacking planes? Well, after those skirmishes, it appears that humans and their avian enemies have reached a sort of standoff, in which the geese are too afraid to attack planes anymore. Why? Because we have won. There was only one goose attack on New York’s commercial airports in the last period recorded by the FAA. The Post points to the city’s valiant efforts in this seemingly impossible battle, including when city workers rounded up and killed 800 geese when they were molting last year and couldn’t fly away, and later sneaked up to goose nests and “oiled” several dozen eggs so that they wouldn’t hatch. As a result of these brave efforts, the goose population around New York is dwindling by the year. Victory is ours!

Get the flock out! Geese war won [NYP]