In What Way Does Jesse James Doing a Tell-all Interview Make Anything Better?


This is something we will literally never understand: Why does a famous person (who is not a politician) that has cheated on his or her spouse feel the need to go on television to talk about it? We understand why ABC News tried desperately to land Jesse James for Nightline after it became clear that the reports of his philandering were true. But is this really a necessary PR move for James? How does going on ABC and calling himself “the most hated man in the world” and crying help him? And how does it help his spurned wife, Sandra Bullock, to have him walk through and itemize how he betrayed and publicly humiliated her? We get why politicians do this — they need to get people to keep voting for them. But Jesse James’s whole image is that of a tattooed, motorcycle-riding badass. He makes wearing a palmful of Dep Gel every day look cool. He even got the nickname “Vanilla Gorilla” out of this! Dude, can’t you just take that and let it go? Nobody wants to see even a distant relative of a legendary Western outlaw cry, do they?