Inside the Weird, Wonderful World of Consumer Reports


Have you screwed something up at work lately? Terrible, isn’t it. You get yelled at, whispered about, even scrutinized by the public and regulatory authorities. If only you worked at Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports in Yonkers, where every day, all day, people try to devise new and exotic ways of screwing things up. For instance:

This year, Consumer Reports ordered 80 small bags of Maine coon cat hair from a cattery and then repeatedly spread 15 grams on an 18-inch by 54-inch strip of carpet. After vacuums took their turn sucking up fur, technicians weighed how much landed in the vacuum bags versus what was stuck in brush wheel.”

A cattery. That is a thing, by the way.

Meet the Sticklers [WSJ]

A cattery. That is a thing, by the way.

Meet the Sticklers [WSJ]