Woman Decides She’d Rather Whore Herself Out to Magazines Than to Men


Melanie Berliet tried out SeekingArrangements.com, the mercenary dating website that matches up rich men with young women who will to pretend to like them in order to spend their money, because, she explains in Vanity Fair, she was nervous about quitting her finance job in order to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. As expected, she met some real winners, like a guy she calls Hank, who referred to himself as “‘a citizen of the world’ and concluded his autobiographical sketch with: ‘You really hit the jackpot, you know.’” But she also met Charlie, a fiftysomething dad she actually liked.

Enough to consider doing it!

When I stood to leave, Charlie stopped me. He turned suddenly serious. “Would you have sex with me?” he blurted out.

Almost without thinking, I said, “Of course!”

Why?” he asked. A trickier question.

Why not?,” I replied cheerily.

Bad answer.”

In the end, though, Berliet decides she’s “not progressive” enough to become a professional slattern — although some might think the stories she’s written thus far for Vanity Fair, which include first-person accounts of sleeping with married men, being a naked sushi model, and almost having sex with her boss to get a bigger bonus, suggest otherwise.

Desperately Seeking Sugar Daddies [VF]