It Just Keeps Getting Worse for Cougars


First science tells cougars that their penchant for young studs may send them to an early grave, and now Google is coming out against the big cats. What a week! According to the Times, Google has decided that cougar dating sites, like, are too risqué to be a part of its ad network. That means ads for cougar-y websites will no longer appear on “more than 6,700 Web sites, including, YouTube and MySpace.” Those ads account for 60 percent of’s traffic. The funny thing is, Google is okay with dating websites that work in the reverse, setting up older men with younger ladies. The other funny thing is that Google is filtering out these websites by searching for the word “cougar.” That means they can go right by the filter by renaming the cougar. Here’s a suggestion: Mellencamps.

Google Tells Sites for ‘Cougars’ to Go Prowl Elsewhere