Marriage of Oxford PhD and Sanitation Worker: ‘It Wasn’t a Clash of Heads’


Ordinarily, we never come away from reading the Times “Wedding” section wanting to know more about the couples featured therein. In fact, usually, we would prefer it if they revealed less. But this weekend’s marriage between Avery Tinch Willis, a Stanford graduate and Oxford PhD, and Matthew Walter Hoffman, described simply as “a New York City sanitation worker,” confounded our classist New York City minds so fully that we actually looked up the video, which describes how these people at “total opposite ends of life” met on the F train, and it’s totally endearing and awesome. “Even though I was intimidated,” Hoffman tells her at one point, “there was a section of it where you were able to bring out better parts of me, and open my eyes to things, and I did the same for you. It wasn’t a clash of heads, everything worked out.” Aw. May all overeducated, underappreciated women in New York meet sweet, Scrabble-playing garbagemen with nice cheekbones!

Vows: Avery & Matt [NYT]