It’s Going to Be a Lovely Memorial Day Weekend!


With the exception of Saturday, the weather is going to be lovely here in the city, out in the Hamptons, and on the Jersey Shore. And your weekend is going to be particularly spectacular if you live in Southampton, whose Cooper’s Beach was just selected as America’s best beach in an annual list created by Stephen “Dr. Beach” Leatherman. (If we were to guess about a person whose job it was to travel around the country and look at beaches, we might have thought “leatherman” was part of the nickname, too.) “New York has world-class beaches, but I don’t think a lot of people in the United States know about them,” Leatherman said, explaining that it was the “baby-powder–fine sand” and clean vistas that make Cooper’s Beach the tops this year. Main Beach in Easthampton came in fifth place. For some reason, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, didn’t make the list. Does having a reality show about the splendors of your house-pumping nightclubs and fist-flying boardwalks count for nothing?

Dr. Beach announces Top 10 U.S. beaches [Detroit Free Press]