Kristen Stewart Wants You to Know She Cares

At the Time 100 gala Tuesday night, Prince avoided schmoozing with bigwigs like Bill Clinton, Richard Branson, and a mustachioed Oliver Stone, instead leaving the Time Warner Center for the Village Underground, where he sipped orange juice and refused to eat anything that wasn’t in Saran Wrap. Lady Gaga, meanwhile, avoided the gala altogether to see her friend “Lady Starlight” perform at the Royalton Hotel. “She walked in with no entourage at all, wearing sunglasses, a leather jacket, and just a bra on underneath. No one even realized who she was at first.” Kristen Stewart refuses to tell Elle (or anyone) who she’s dating, but she does want readers to know that she “gives a shit,” explaining, “I hate it when they say I don’t give a shit, because nobody cares more than I do. I’m telling you I don’t know anybody who does this that gives a shit more than I do.” Stewart is, however, giddy over her upcoming role in the big-screen adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road. And Madonna wants everyone to see her rock-hard, sinewy physique in lingerie. Again.

Amanda Seyfried says she keeps her romance alive with the British Dominic Cooper via Skype, describing their lustful ways, “The other day, I was cleaning, he was cleaning,” she recalls. “We couldn’t see each other — we were just scrubbing away and talking like we were in the same room.” Sienna Miller and Jude Law have given up on keeping their relationship on the DL. They spent their lunch hour kissing outside at Pastis. Katie Holmes serenaded Tom Cruise onstage at an L.A. charity event by singing and strutting to “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.” Michelle “Bombshell” McGee says she slept with Jesse James out of “boredom.” Just in time to promote MacGruber, Ryan Phillippe gives a tour of his tattoos in Inked magazine, and this is after showing off his toned physique in Men’s Health. And Mark Sanchez may be flirting up a storm, but so is his latest lady, Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

Barbara Bush doesn’t watch her sister, Jenna, on Today because she doesn’t own a TV. Harold Ford Jr. dropped out of the Senate race, but at John Legend’s celebrity golf tournament, he asked not to be videotaped holding a drink, explaining, “I’m a politician.” Jessica Simpson and ex Tony Romo had an awkward run-in, chatting for five “tense” minutes at Vanity Fair’s after-party for the White House Association dinner. Jessica Alba requested old-school hip-hop at SL as she celebrated her birthday with Cash Warren. Josh Hartnett perused the Dean & Deluca snack aisle in Soho. And Courtney Love told Howard Stern that she’s good in bed because she “was never pretty. Pretty girls just lie there. Us girls who grew up a little more homely have to try a lot harder,” adding, “That’s why pretty girls never threaten me — it’s like, yeah, you want to take me on? Take me on. Go for it.”