Lindsay Lohan Has an Older Girlfriend Who Is Teaching Her About Life (Updated)


Lindsay Lohan has had her wild times, for sure. Like this past weekend, when she threw a drink in Jessica Stam’s face, and last night, when she keeled over while at a party on a yacht in Cannes. But she is putting those days behind her now, the Post reports today. Lindsay is settling down with a mature partner, photographer Indrani, 36, who tells the paper that the starlet is a “strong creative woman who is trying really hard to get her life in a good, positive place.” And the photographer’s grounded nature is a part of that, friends say.

This might sound like a load of crap, but we can tell from the photo shoot the two participated in that this relationship has indeed had a profound influence on Lohan without compromising her integrity as a person. For instance, while there is a hint of bondage gear present, there are no knives.

Update: Lohan has denied she is dating the photographer and, we intuit from the hysteria of her response, all that is implied above. “No, no, no… In NO way am I dating her,” she told Us.

Lindsay has a masked ball [NYP]