Lisa Maria Falcone Plays Soccer in Lanvin and Pearls


Some eccentrics are created by coming into extreme wealth and/or fame as they pass through life. And some eccentrics have just always been that way, perhaps unconsciously waiting for extreme wealth and/or fame (or maybe just a photo in New York Magazine) to be sprung upon them so that they may be fully appreciated. So it is with Lisa Maria Falcone, who, according to a profile in W, was "raised in Spanish Harlem by an alcoholic mother on welfare, [...] discovered in her late teens by a Wilhelmina agent" and "in her early 20s she met her Prince Charming at a restaurant, married him and moved into a studio apartment, where the couple slept atop an air mattress on the floor." That Prince was eventual hedge-fund titan Philip Falcone, and now Lisa Maria has a huge mansion all to herself (and her children and menagerie) and enough money to throw $10 million to charities on a whim.

And thank goodness this woman has the necessities of life (and then some) taken care of for her, because now she can truly be herself: She doesn't have to care what all the old stodgy society ladies think, and she can wear whatever she wants to galas all over town. Or, you know, to play with her kids. From W:

A friend of two decades, fashion designer Zaldy, says she has been known to play soccer with her daughters in Central Park decked out in a Lanvin dress and an opera-length strand of South Sea pearls.

See? Now would she be able to do that if she wasn't married to a billionaire? Or this?

Life chez Falcone is more like a sitcom than a Cinderella remake. On a snowy day in February, Lisa Maria, whose olive green cargo pants and cardigan are neatly color coordinated with a hefty heart-shaped emerald ring, is nuzzling her pet pig, Wilbur, while a cat purrs in the corner and a veritable flock of tiny dogs yaps away behind a baby gate. “I just love animals, I can’t help it!” she shouts over the delighted squeals of the pig, who is being fed a carrot by the cook. Wilbur, Falcone says, can play the piano and will perform spins if prompted with a Cheerio.

And don't worry that all this money has gone to her head. Her children currently sleep in her bed, and she and Philip sleep on an air mattress on the floor — just like old times!

Also, when she was 16 she realized that her mother was actually her aunt. That's the equivalent of an eccentricity triple-word score!

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