Lloyd Blankfein Still Has a Few Fans


Not Carl Levin and the other members of the Congressional Nut-Bashing Committee. Not the SEC. Not the six groups of shareholders that filed suit against the firm alleging "breach of fiduciary duty, corporate waste, abuse of control, mismanagement, and unjust enrichment." Certainly not Matt Taibbi. But Warren Buffett is still in Lloyd's corner, as are the people closest to him, his co-workers. Analyst Brad Hintz tells Bloomberg:

[A]t Goldman’s April 20, 2010, managing directors earnings call, Lloyd Blankfein received a standing ovation from his partners.”

Granted, it was for his amazing Curly Howard impression, but in times like these, you take praise where you can get it.

Goldman Partners Give Blankfein Standing Ovation, Hintz Says [Bloomberg]