Long Island Newspaper’s Obama Joke Is Possibly Racist, Definitely Confusing


The folks in charge of a Republican weekly newspaper on Long Island, the Smithtown Messenger, had a clever idea for their latest issue. In a large photo spread, they displayed “before” and “after” images of each First Couple since the Carters: one from when they occupied the White House, and the other, we guess, from sometime later. Scanning the pairs of images, it’s hard to understand what the point of it all is — until you get to the Obamas. See, the Obamas don’t have an “after” photo yet, so instead, the Smithtown Messenger threw in a photo from seventies TV show Sanford and Son.

The paper’s publisher rebutted accusations of racism, claiming instead that the piece was actually “political satire.” But it’s hard to figure out what the joke is, since the photo shows Fred Sanford arguing with the sister of his deceased wife. Is the Smithtown Messenger saying that post-presidency, Michelle will somehow become Barack’s sister-in-law? Or that Michelle will pass away, and Barack will marry her (previously undiscovered) sister? Because if so, we don’t get it.

LI Newspaper Thinks Obamas = Sanfords??? » [Daily Politics/NYDN]