Man Surprised to Find ‘High-End’ Dating Service Not All It’s Cracked Up to Be


When John Henri Friedland, described by today’s Post as a 51-year-old author, editor, and attorney, signed up with dating service Amy Laurent International, he assumed that they’d hook him up with a woman who looked like the blonde pictured on their website. Or a brunette with whom he could loll about on the dunes drinking Chardonnay out of real glasses! But he was disappointed.

Enough to sue them!

Amy Laurent International held itself out as an ‘elite, full-service’ dating service specializing in ‘real world, high-end matchmaking,’ but ‘failed to perform even as good [sic] as a standard dating service,’ John Henri Friedland sniffed in a $100,000 suit against the firm.”

Who do they think he is? Some guy who has to use Internet dating? He has three names!

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