Ramones Apparently Plotting Comeback With ‘Money Can’t Buy You Class’ Producer


When he first conceived of Countess LuAnn De Lesseps's "Money Can't Buy You Class," producer Chris Young was setting out to make a song that was just one step above Muzak. "I thought of the backing track as something I would hear in Bergdorf's if I was shopping," he told the Journal. "I thought, what would I hear at the W Hotel?" Much to his surprise, Young's ability to turn a tuneless cougar into a pop sensation has made him practically the recording industry's new Timbaland, he tells the Journal.

Mr. Young...added that the response to his appearance [on Real Housewives of New York City last week] has been "befuddling." "Every time it airs, I'm inundated with 150 to 220 people who want to work with me. This week alone, probably 1,400 emails. I don't even know who's who and what's what! The Ramones are calling. Salt n' Pepa."

That's awesome! Especially considering that most of the Ramones are, you know, dead.

Housewife' Sparks Demand for Producer [WSJ]