Murdoch’s Top British Papers to Reveal Pay-Wall Plan Next Week


Rupert Murdoch’s Times of London and Sunday Times will reveal new websites next week, as well as the plans they have for ultimately pulling most of their content behind a pay wall next month. Notes Ian Burrell at the Independent: “One thing is certain. No matter how luxurious this new digital experience turns out to be, a large portion of The Times’ monthly traffic of around 20 million unique users will evaporate when, some time next month, News International ends its initial trial period and starts charging.” Wonder whether the paper offers something of “significantly more value than that which users have become accustomed to receive for nothing,” as Burrell thinks it must? Or will this be the first step toward a major newspaper realizing that “more” may not be as valuable as “unique”?

Will Rupert Murdoch’s plans to charge for access to his websites pay off? [Independent UK]
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