Obama Nominating Kagan to the Supreme Court on Monday?


That’s what Politico’s Mike Allen hears, and he talks to White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer every night before they go to bed — Pfeiffer in his house, Allen in a box in the alley — so we’ll assume he’s probably right. Allen says that “top White House aides will be shocked” if President Obama doesn’t go with Elena Kagan, who currently serves as solicitor general. She’s young (50), she’s smart, she has that judgeless résumé Obama seems to value, and according to Allen, Obama thinks she’s persuasive enough to “lure swing Justice Kennedy into some coalitions.”

If she is, in fact, nominated, look for her to be grilled about her struggle with military recruiters over “don’t ask, don’t tell” while dean of Harvard Law School, which is dissected, once again, by the Times today. It’s the perfect way for socially conservative Republicans to get at the questions they really want to ask Kagan — “Are you gay?” and “Will you make everyone get gay married?” — while defending our brave men and women fighting overseas.

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