Over 100 Killed in Iraq’s Deadliest Day This Year


Monday marked the bloodiest day in Iraq of 2010, as at least 100 people were killed in a string of attacks: A man strapped with explosives blew himself up in a crowd, bombs were set off in a southern city, and gunmen opened fire on security checkpoints. Iraq officials blamed Al Qaeda insurgents for the carnage, claiming they want to destabilize the country in the wake of continued uncertainty regarding control of the government following the country’s March 7 election. As an immediate solution, Shiite vice-president Abel Abdul-Mahdi said a central government must be created that includes all of the major political groups: “The terrorist gangs perpetrated new assaults today on our people and armed forces,” he said. “We call on all political blocs to work seriously for the benefit of the country and … start to form a national partnership government including all political parties without marginalizing any one.”

In Iraq’s bloodiest day of 2010, attacks kill 100 [AP via Star-Telegram]