Karen O at MoMA’s Party in the Garden


Care for some dating advice from Karen O? The Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman was holding court at MoMA’s Party in the Garden earlier this week when we hit her up for dating tips. “Wait for the FOBs, the fresh off the boats.” That’s your advice to women in New York City? “Yeah, it can’t hurt. Honestly, most of the few men in my life, the few special men in my life, have been imports. I mean, I guess a lot of people are imports to New York City, but I got them fresh, as soon as they got here, before they got corrupted by all of the options and possibilities. When I met my boyfriend [music video director Barney Clay], he’d only been here for four months, five months, freshly moved from London. I scooped him right up. It is advice that I give, maybe not literally, but I’ve had the good fortune of meeting the fresh into New York City before they got the taste of the dating.” Click through our Party Lines slideshow for more celebrity quotes.