Rachael Ray Offers Embarrassingly Tepid Support for Kirsten Gillibrand


Rachael Ray was in Washington today — along with Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who, in a less liberal version, used to represent Ray’s upstate New York district in Congress — lobbying to get more funding added to legislation to improve the quality of school food. And yet, despite this cooperation, and the fact that Gillibrand was standing right next to her, Ray offered only middling praise when a reporter asked whether Gillibrand was “any good” as a representative. “I think she’s pretty good in the cafeteria,” Ray said, sheepishly, hesitantly. Is Ray just not confident enough with her knowledge of politics to confirm that Gillibrand was indeed “any good” as a congresswoman, or is there some kind of grudge going on here? Either way, it made us uncomfortable.

Gillibrand Has Awkward Moment in Celeb Politics » [Daily Politics/NYDN]