Sarah Jessica Parker Tells Everyone About the Time Kristin Davis Got Diarrhea


Her feud with Kim Cattrall threatened to keep the second Sex and the City movie from filming until the stars were senior citizens. Now, Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to sabotage co-star Kristin Davis’s career, as evidenced by an anecdote she told during a press conference for Sex and the City 2 yesterday.

We didn’t even have a bathroom,” Parker told reporters of the rough conditions of their on-location shoot. “There was literally no interruptions. Kristin Davis got sick.”

Davis admitted, “I didn’t want anyone to know.”

Apparently,” Parker added, “If you’re very sick and have a very serious intestinal issue, you just need warm milk.”

She won’t be laughing once this gets around the studios. The only thing more destructive than coming out in Hollywood is admitting you actually poop. No one wants to picture that in a leading lady!

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