Shahzad May Have Fled to Airport As Result of ‘Leaks’ Concerning Case


Faisal Shahzad’s dash to the airport on the night of his arrest may have been in response to hearing media reports, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said. “Before the individual was taken into custody, there was a lot of specific information about who we were looking for,” Kelly said, before vaguely offering that “there’s some indication this information made the individual leave.” When pressed about who exactly was behind this information leaking, Kelly deflected blame from the Police Department, instead pointing to an “inordinate amount of information given out by somebody” in the ongoing case (well, that clears things up). And though it’s still not clear when Shahzad will appear in court, Senator Dianne Feinstein told reporters after a briefing today that the Times Square bombing suspect has waived his right to a speedy arraignment, and she said that “suggests he’s continuing to provide valuable information to authorities.”

Police: News reports may have spurred Times Square suspect to flee