Team Breitbart Marshals Response to O’Keefe Guilty Plea


When we read this morning that ACORN-sting videographer James O’Keefe pleaded guilty today , we wondered how Andrew Breitbart would react. Breitbart is the right-wing, anti-mainstream media activist who championed O’Keefe’s anti-ACORN work. When O’Keefe got arrested, Breitbart vociferously defended him and attacked anyone who said or seemed to imply that O’Keefe was arrested for wiretapping — notably MSNBC host David Shuster. Though originally charged with intent to commit a felony, officials reduced the infraction and O’Keefe eventually admitted to a minor crime of entering Landrieu’s office under false pretenses. Despite the guilty plea (or because of it), today Michael Walsh of Breitbart’s Big Journalism sent out a call to arms to seemingly all of the contributors to his website begging them to “hammer the media on this one.”

From: Michael Walsh/Big Journalism
Sent: Wed, May 26, 2010
Subject: Pedal to the Metal Today re “Watergate, Jr.”

Update: The wording of this post has been changed to reflect the accuracy of the charges against O’Keefe.