Teenage Orgy at Upstate Prison Under Scrutiny


Did you know that if you are a teenager in a New York prison being supervised by the Office of Children and Family Services, occasionally they will throw "socials" for you in order to incentivize good behavior? And if you're really good, you can request particular girls to be brought to the prison for you to party with. That's what happened at the Goshen Secure Center this winter, when one poor security officer was asked to drive two hours to Albany to pick up a 15-year-old girl and her friend from a street corner and bring them back to the Center to entertain the inmates. Not long after, the inevitable orgy started. Did we mention that the "friend" is a suspected prostitute?

"There was a girl getting her pants pulled down and getting ready to be penetrated from the rear," said Antonio Collado Jr., 58, a security officer at the facility for offenders under 19. "I saw her red g-string panties almost being pulled off ... The person in the control room who was controlling the security camera said this had occurred after the resident had already received oral sex. And this girl was a minor."

Well, that's incentive for something. Three separate agencies are now investigating the incident.

Hooker & teen at juvie jail 'orgy' [NYP]