The Washington Post Blames Us for Obama–Malcolm X Mix-up


Last week, a reader sent us a screen grab of the Washington Post’s homepage, because a photo of Malcolm X had mistakenly been placed with a headline about President Obama. Humorous, no? A few hours later, we heard back from Raju Narisetti, a managing editor at the Post’s website, who explained to us in an e-mail: “There was a period earlier today when the Obama story headline was pasted in incorrectly into the flipper by a homepage producer when there was a live event and as a result it didn’t pick up the relevant image above it and there was a mismatch between the image flipper and the headlines under it.” In human speak, technical difficulties. But, as part of an internal investigation, the Post now concludes that there almost certainly never was any glitch, and that we were probably the victim of a hoax by our tipster. We’ve triple-checked with our source, and have no reason to believe that’s true. Look harder, Post!

Hoax suspected in Obama-Malcolm X photo mix-up