A Lot of Subway Signage Is About to Become Obsolete


With the W and V lines soon to be disbanded by the MTA in an effort to save some cash, and the M line rerouted north along Avenue of the Americas, a lot of subway signs and maps will need to be altered and updated. This will all be done during one crazy weekend before the June 28 changes take effect, and with thousands upon thousands of maps and signs to replace, it’ll cost the MTA $800,000. So what happens to all those old, inaccurate signs and maps? They’ll be “donated to the city’s transit archives or sold online, although officials said any revenue would be negligible,” according to the Times. This means that those of you with an emotional attachment to these doomed subway lines will be able to take home a memento to cherish forever. Although, in this town, you might give someone the wrong impression if you hang a big “W” sign on your wall.

Wave Goodbye to W and V in Subway Signs; Make Room for More M [NYT]