There’s a New Subway Hero!


The New York Times' City Room blog, the official blog of subway heroes, has discovered another one. In a year where it seems like we've been reading more frequently about people jumping onto the tracks with disastrous results, it's nice to read this latest tale. According to the Times:

After a woman fainted onto the tracks at the Union Square station, witnesses told the police, the man jumped onto the track bed to try to revive her. Seeing the lights of an Eighth Avenue-bound L train, and probably realizing he was out of time, he hastily positioned her body in the trench between the tracks, then hoisted himself out as the train roared in, the police said.

The train was unable to stop before running over her, but she appeared to be unharmed by that portion of the ordeal. She was brought to Bellevue and is in stable condition. During the confusion, the man walked away without giving anyone his name. Witnesses could only tell reporters and police that he was African-American, making Monday not only a great day for Jessica Oshita, the woman who was saved, but also "unidentified black men" everywhere.

Another Everyday Hero in the Subway, Gone in a Flash [NYT]