Tim Geithner Owns Chinese Schoolchildren on Basketball Court


Timothy Geithner has been criticized for a lot of things. Failing to do his taxes properly. Taking ages to come up with a decent plan to reform the financial system. Playing patsy to large financial institutions. All deserved, even his wife and the president say so. Anyway, it’s not like at this point anyone expects much of him. But as U.S. Representative Rick Larsen says, “the basketball court’s one place where he’s been underestimated.” And this week, the Treasury Secretary finally proved his worth by using his heretofore-unrevealed hoops skills in service to the American economy.

Quoth Bloomberg:

In your face, China! That’ll teach you to laugh at our depreciating dollar! Who’s still the man? We are! Now please keep buying our bonds.

Geithner Shows Benefit of Having Treasury Chief With Jump Shot [Bloomberg]