Today’s Ira Sohn Conference: Who Will Cry?


This afternoon is the annual Ira Sohn Research Investment Conference, the annual charity event in which attendees pay $3,000 to hear top managers argue their positions. Two years ago, David Einhorn famously declared that the end of Lehman Brothers was nigh, and last year, he went after Hope. Einhorn’s speaking again this year, along with Bill Ackman, Steve Eisman, Niall Ferguson, Steve Rattner, David Tepper, and gnomish billionaire Sam Zell, among others. Our burning-est questions: Who will be the recipient of Einhorn’s annual smackdown? (Cough Europe cough.) Will Bill Ackman cry? Will Niall Ferguson address questions about fatwa sex? (I mean, people are paying $3,000), and will David Tepper reveal his brass balls? Not to mention: Are we headed for an Econopocalypse, or what? Stay tuned, world.

Ira Sohn Research Conference [Official site]