Whatever, Mario


Andrew Cuomo and his father, the former governor Mario Cuomo, are, as our friend Steve would say, "like nuts on a dog," meaning they are very close. They've campaigned together, lived together (as adults), and lately "kibbitz" together on the subject of the younger Cuomo's political ambitions, which it is widely acknowledged include making a play for dad's old job. But Andrew's decision to live the exact same life as his father, only better, can sometimes make being around them a little tense:

At a breakfast with an operative, Mario nodded his head at his son and said: “He’s thick skulled; he won’t listen to me. Tell him what to do.” The operative, who spoke anonymously in order to preserve access to the two men, recalled that Andrew interjected: “Oh, Mario, give me a break. I’ve been in politics for 20 years.”

If the governorship doesn't work out, there's always Sirius Radio.

Political Test May Loom for the Cuomos’ Bond [NYT]