White House Limiting Press Access to Kagan’s Family


The White House is making life difficult for Times reporters hoping to get some dirt on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan from her family, as the paper claimed today that the Obama administration is “limiting, if not blocking, access” to her family. The Times said it received permission Tuesday to attend a constitutional law class at Hunter College High School (Kagan’s alma mater) taught by her brother Irving. The school was fine with the idea, as was Kagan, but the White House vetoed the plan, according to the Times, claiming via a spokesman that the administration was “uncomfortable with the idea at this time.”

Additionally, after speaking with the paper in a profile that ran Monday, Kagan’s cousin Gail Katz-James refused to speak to the Times Wednesday. “I’m sorry,” she said to a reporter, “I’m not able to talk to you.” When asked if the White House had instructed her to refuse interviews, she said “Nope” and promptly hung up the phone. Ironically, while the White House presumably is hoping to ensure no one says anything that might jeopardize Kagan’s confirmation, it really just makes it seem like there’s some totally weird family secret they desperately don’t want getting out.

Want to Talk to Kagan’s Family? Permission Denied [City Room/NYT]