Why Doesn’t Stuff Like This Ever Happen When We’re in the Library?


We're kind of sad we weren't there to see this little moment of Zen, from today's crime blotter in the Post:

A bozo boozer was busted for allegedly swigging vodka, shouting at people and swinging a chair at them -- in the Greenpoint Branch Library, of all places. The trouble began at 11 a.m. Monday when a librarian saw Keith Raia, 46, drinking vodka from a plastic bottle and asked him to leave, sources said. Enraged, Raia allegedly picked up a chair and began swinging it while shouting, "F - - - you, b- - ches, I'll cut you up." The manager called 911, and Raia was arrested for menacing and disorderly conduct.

So long as nobody was hurt, that was probably the most entertaining scene that's transpired at that library since they installed porn filters on the computers in the public reading room.

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