Yup, Former IBM Chief and Galleon Accomplice Were Boning, U.S. Attorney’s Office Confirms


When former IBM vice-president Bob Moffat cried on the stand a couple of months ago while explaining to the court that the only reason he gave his "friend," accused Galleon tipster Danielle Cheisi, inside information about the company was that he wanted to "help her career," everyone knew what was going on, but of course no one was going to come right out and call him pussy-whipped. That would be rude, especially since, let's face it, all the dudes in court have been there even if it didn't lead to prison time. But that changed today at the sentencing of Mark Kurland, Chiesi’s former boss, when Kurland's defense lawyer said he deserved no more prison time than Moffat.

In response, Assistant U.S. Attorney Reed Brodsky told U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in Manhattan that Kurland was motivated by greed while Moffat had an “intimate relationship” with Chiesi. Brodsky didn’t elaborate, saying he hadn’t intended to discuss Moffat’s case until Kurland’s lawyer, Patrick Smith, began focusing on it.

Oh sure, he didn't "mean" to say it. Gossipy little minx.

IBM’s Moffat, Chiesi Were ‘Intimate,’ U.S. Says [Bloomberg]