Accused Terrorist Plotter: ‘I Wanna, Like, Be the World’s Known Terrorist’


The two New Jersey men taken into custody last night at JFK International Airport, allegedly en route to joining the jihadist group al-Shabaab in Somalia, were recorded speaking freely about their terrorist ambitions, in a disconcertingly casual Clueless-meets-terrorist sort of way.

“A lot of people need to get killed, bro, swear to God," 20-year-old Mohamed Hamoud Alessa said to an undercover NYPD cop who befriended them. "My soul cannot rest until I shed blood. I wanna, like, be the world's known terrorist.”

The two suspects — Alessa and 24-year-old Carlos Eduardo Almonte, both American citizens — will appear in New Jersey court Monday.

Alleged plotters' words: 'I wanna, like, be the world's known terrorist.' [NYDN]